1. Each semester’s work is a finished project as well as a canvas for the next.

2. Think in scales: days, weeks, months and years.

3. Be carefull towards soil.

4. Work like a gardener with the precision of an architect.

5. Work like an architect with care of a gardener.

6. Be aware of the weather conditions and work with them.

7. See the weeding as the art of dividing the useful from the less useful.

8. Remove the soil from your shoes and maintain cleanli- ness.

9. Plant and construct to preserve and improve the existing condition.

10. Everything in the garden can be reused.

11. Unexpected garden projects can be added at any time.

12. The garden is a room from which nothing ever leaves.





studio garden
studio garden
studio garden
studio garden










4th semester Arch Bsc ETH
Studio Tom Emerson
In collaboration with the 60 students of the studio